My Angel

Dear grandpapa,

You just cannot imagine how heartbroken I still am over your passing. Time does not heal all wounds. Time with you on earth was not enough. I am so grateful for your patience with me and your ability to make me feel at ease. Whenever I was scared or cold, you made sure to comfort me and bring me a blanket. You always taught me to say thank you. You always made me sign my little sketches. No matter what I did, you were so supportive and happy, simply because I was happy. You were so proud of any accomplishment of mine that you would display it on your wall. You drove me everywhere without complaint and even took care of me when I was sick. You even taught me how to perfectly fry an egg. You would reach for me to give you a hug every time I saw you and every time before we parted and I’m so sad that I will ever be able to hug you again. Seeing you slowly pass away was one of the hardest things in my life. I didn’t like seeing you suffering and withering away right before my eyes—yet you were calm and determined to hold on to your life. You are still one of the strongest men I know and respect. I will cherish the wheelchair walks in the garden after school and I will always miss holding your hand while crossing the street. I miss your smile and laughter filling the room. I miss seeing you wear your aviators and hearing you sing in the car. You’re the reason why I love aviators. I can’t stop crying over losing you even though a lot of time has passed. I am still completely and utterly devastated. I know I can see you in heaven one day, but I wish you were still here to make memories with us. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. Not a day goes by that your family doesn’t miss you. We all miss your presence, which is irreplaceable. Sending you my love every day…

My World

Dear mama and papa,

Thank you for your unconditional love and support. You guys help push me to be better and forgive me when I’m wrong. You remind me about the importance of family and doing the best you can when times are tough. I get such different advice from you two and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to see two points of views, which I appreciate and take to heart. I have growing up that everyone needs to go on their own pursuit of happiness, even parents, and I respect that. Mama, you always believe in me no matter what and always remind me about who I am but also give me some space to let me learn on my own. You always want to take care of me and you even jumped on a plane right away to get me when I was sick. You are thoughtful and pure because you only have good intentions towards others. Papa, you worry about me and I can tell that you just want what’s best for me by sometimes showing me tough love. I know its hard to for you to communicate your love. It’s all good because I know you love me and want me to become a strong woman and not a woman who is dependent on a man. You also want me to be generous to others, but also logical and practical when it comes to making decisions. You remind me that my words are sharp and want me to be more careful with what I say. I’m so grateful for my yin and yang Japanese parents. Love you guys to the moon and back a trillion times. May God bless you both and I pray for your health and safety all the time.


Which of the following are you:
Appetizer: mediocre, just a sampling to keep you looking forward to the entrée
Entrée: what you’ve been waiting for
Dessert: seems like a good idea; too much of it and it makes you feel sick, wish you never had any